Bamboo Flooring Images : Killing Floor 2.0 : Prices Of Laminate Flooring.


Bamboo Flooring Images : Killing Floor 2.0 : Prices Of Laminate Flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Images

bamboo flooring images

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The Photographer's Curse

The Photographer's Curse

Please view large!

First, let me start by saying this is one of my favorite images of my recent trip to Malaysia, but...

It was taken at about 3am local time after travelling for over 20 hours at this point, after just getting off a 14 hour flight, and I'm not even at my destination yet! This is the Crown Plaza hotel at Terminal 3 of the Singapore airport, and I'm waiting for an 8am flight to Malaysia.

So, do I go straight to my room and get some sleep? No, I go straight to my room, drop my bags, and grab my camera! The highly polished marble floors and all the crazy reflections were just too good to pass up! I didn't have a tripod, but I think just setting the camera on the floor resulted in the best composition anyway.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, thanks for looking! I'm sure most of you have suffered from the same "curse," would be fun to hear some of your stories too!

Three image HDR, taken on a very highly polished floor -- what is it about Asia and shiny floors?

Kicking back

Kicking back

Kaua‘i Marriott Resort, Līhu‘e, Kaua?i.

Everything is but an illusion. Here I am relaxing before catching the plane back to reality. This is an "ocean view room" on the 22nd floor and the coconut tree is 220 feet tall! NOOOOT!

Well, we really did pay for an ocean view room, but that "ocean" looked a lot like a huge swimming pool, and the ground floor actually starts on the "15th" (?), so the 22nd fl. is only really the 7th floor, and... :)

Ah, who cares when you are on vacation!

Le Bambole Mk. II Pinhole Camera. Kodak 160 Portra NC. Exposure: f/256 and 10 seconds.

bamboo flooring images

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