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Hardwood Floor Cost Per Square Foot

hardwood floor cost per square foot

    hardwood floor
  • (Hardwood Floors) Engineered, pre-finished, click and laminate.

  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.

  • Non-resilient flooring of maple, pecan, oak, beech, and various other hardwoods.

    square foot
  • A unit of area (abbreviation sq ft or sq. ft. or ft^2) equal to the area of a square the sides of which are each one foot long

  • a unit of area equal to one foot by one foot square

  • The square foot (Sq Ft) is an imperial unit / U.S. customary unit (non-SI non-metric) of area, used mainly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is defined as the area of a square with sides of 1 foot (0.333 yards, 12 inches, or 0.

  • monetary value: the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold); "the fluctuating monetary value of gold and silver"; "he puts a high price on his services"; "he couldn't calculate the cost of the collection"

  • (of an object or an action) Require the payment of (a specified sum of money) before it can be acquired or done

  • be priced at; "These shoes cost $100"

  • Cause the loss of

  • Involve (someone) in (an effort or unpleasant action)

  • the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

When I was teenager, one of the many careers I considered for myself was a botanist. My first real job was at the local plant nursery. My dad built me a greenhouse when I was in high school. I was REALLY into gardening and horticulture.

During the summers between middle school grades, I'd watch a lot of TV during the day. One of the shows I watched religiously was this show about Square Foot Gardening. The host had this great combover and would go around the country visiting people's square-foot gardens. I always wanted my own. I would draw plans for my great and lush dream gardens, but they never came into fruition.

Probably 20 years later, I finally have my own square foot garden, thanks to my husband. He built the frame last weekend, and today we hauled 2 cubic yards (WAAAAAY too much for the 4x8x1' bed and WAAAAAAAY too much to be hauling in our truck) of lovely rich garden soil. It required many heavy loads in our wheelbarrow, and we are both sore, but it is worth it. It will be even more worth it when I just have to take a few steps into the backyard to pick fresh carrots, peas, beans, radishes, peppers, herbs, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries.

I am really excited about this!!!

Square foot garden 9-4-2009

Square foot garden 9-4-2009

The lay-out of the square foot garden. It is a standard 4x4 grid filled with 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat, 1/3 vermiculite.

I was a bit late with it. Everything went in march 31st

The color of the soil is a bit off since I processed the picture to make the tiny plants a bit more visible.

Yeah, I know, I still have to tidy up the liner

hardwood floor cost per square foot

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