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Exterior deck flooring - Black & white vinyl floor tiles.

Exterior Deck Flooring

exterior deck flooring

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exterior deck flooring - Le click

Le click Interlocking Teak Flooring Tiles, Style SPIRAL, Box of 10 Tiles, NATURAL FINISH

Le click Interlocking Teak Flooring Tiles, Style SPIRAL, Box of 10 Tiles, NATURAL FINISH

The Le click Teak Wood flooring system is simply spectacular and offers a great variety of use where functionality and style need to go hand in hand! Perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor flooring projects: - Indoor and outdoor pools - Rooftops and decks - Spa projects and massage studios - Indoor or outdoor showers, bathrooms - Balconies, decks, patios, Florida rooms - Furniture and interior design showrooms - Home office, cellars, closets, - Install it on boats - Exhibition booth flooring system - and many more... Le click allows for a full floor to be installed in just minutes by connecting the individual tiles with a simple click. Le click Style SPIRAL: - Covers 10 square feet / 0.9 square meter of floor per box of 10 tiles - Finish: NATURAL FINISH: Size per tile (L x W x H): 11 3/4" (30cm) x 11 3/4" (30cm) x 1.1" (2.7cm) - Weight per tile: ~ 1 3/4 lb (0.85kg) - Boxing standard: 10 tiles per box - Box size (L x W x H): 25.5 " (65cm) x 13.5" (34cm) x 5.5 " (14cm) - Box weight: 25 lb (10kg) - Made and directly imported from Indonesia.

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the floor deck is getting installed

the floor deck is getting installed

I thought that by today we would be putting up exterior walls, but when I was doing the planning I completely forgot about pow-wow weekend. I haven't had much of the crew around lately.

This photo was taken just after lunchtime. When I was back there at 3pm, all but about 8 of the floor joists were on (but forgot to bring my camera w/ me to the jobsite). That gave them plenty of time to put the rest of the rim-board on and slap down some bracing by the end of the day so the whole thing doesn't fall over by tomorrow.

The floor sheathing should get done in the morning & the rest of the bracing by day's end. That means on Thursday (as long as the weather keeps cooperating) they are going to lay out the exterior walls and make all of the door & window headers. They will start framing & raising walls on Monday then by Wendesday be bracing the bejeebus out of it since we have a long holiday weekend and have them ready to start setting trusses on July 7.

Everybody keep your fingers crossed that the weather keeps staying beautiful so we can stay on track with our schedule.

Scott Sypnieski - Deckorators Best Deck Contest 2011

Scott Sypnieski - Deckorators Best Deck Contest 2011

This is a 12 x 20 deck with Tan Liberty Deck flooring and Tan Cambridge style railing from Exterior Profiles Inc. with Bronze Deckorator spindles routed the narrow way to make the railing less obstructive to the back yard!!

exterior deck flooring

exterior deck flooring

DuraMax Model 00911 5x3 YardMate Vinyl Storage Shed with floor

DuraMax Model 00911 5'x3' YardMate Vinyl Shed with vinyl floor included features a 5' wide format that is ideal for smaller yards or patios. Thia shed features a complete solid reinforced vinyl floor that eliminates the need for building a foundation. Tall walk-ion shed at 78" tall and 52" double door opening. DuraMax Stronglasting vinyl sheds offer the most important factor needed when considering the purchase of a shed whether it is for storage or any other use - strength, durability, attractiveness, size, value for the money and low maintenance. They offer all weather vinyl exterior which is light colored and has a "siding like" grain pattern on the walls, a roof truss steel support system, sturdy steel reinforced wall columns, fire retardant vinyl which is exclusive to DuraMax, wide and tall double doors. Their most consumer friendly feature all starts with their state of the art engineering - each shed is modularly designed with purchase decision, shipping, and building it already in mind. Sheds are available in many sizes to fit many needs; they ship compactly in own box; all parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and labeled for easy sorting and assembly. US Polymers Inc. is the largest plastic extruder in the world, every product is backed with warranty and full customer support.

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